University of Manchester students can buy two tickets per person (So you can bring a friend!)

£16 Super Early Bird and £19 Early Bird tickets can only be purchased at the Pangaea Launch Fair
on May 7th. Remaining tickets can be bought exclusively by students, online through the Students'
Union's website from May 8th at

If you're planning on buying tickets, it's best to register on the site now in order to speed up the
process and avoid disappointment. You might have already registered on the site if you are a
member of a club or society. Register now at

If you have any problems registering, please email

  • Super Early Bird – £16 + Booking Fee
  • Early Bird – £19 + Booking Fee
  • Steady Eddie – £23 + Booking Fee
  • Slow Worm – £25 + Booking Fee

Click here to buy tickets!